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Stubs are Elder Scrolls wiki entries that have not yet received substantial attention from the editors of the Elder Scrolls wiki, and as such do not yet contain enough information to be considered real articles. In other words, they are short or insufficient pieces of information and require additions to further increase the Elder Scrolls wiki's usefulness. The community values stubs as useful first steps toward complete articles.

Identifying a stubEdit

Stub articles, although possibly containing useful information, do not quite meet our standards for sufficient coverage. Lengthy articles—which may lack infoboxes, wiki-links, or headers—are not regarded as stubs. As such, they are labeled with {{Attention}} templates. Always consult the Manual of Style to verify the proper layout for an article. If an article lacks some or most of the criteria listed there for a specific article type, flag it with the appropriate template (see below).

Labeling a stubEdit

Newly created articles or pre-existing articles alike can be and should be labeled as stubs. Labeling an article as a stub places it in the Stub category. This allows other users to easily locate it when they seek to expand stubs. Typically, when a stub is identified, the {{Stub}} template should be added at the bottom of the article, just above the Navigation template(s). Only one stub template per article is necessary. Talk pages, user pages, and forums should never be labeled as stubs.

Typing {{Stub}} into an article renders this:

Which both identifies the article as a stub and adds it to a category full of other stubs.

In general, articles should try to be sorted into as specific stub categories as possible. To do so, add the game name and the type of article when transcluding the stub template in the format of {{Stub|<Game>|<Article type>}}. For example, to identify an article as a Skyrim character stub, type {{Stub|Skyrim|Character}}. This will render as:

The available games and types are exactly the same as the categories, seen below.

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