The Evil Wizard is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


The people who work a Noble's land live in fear of a necromancer in a nearby dungeon. It is now the Hero of Daggerfall's mission to find and destroy the sorcerer in question.


  • Enter specified dungeon
  • Find and slay the sorcerer
  • Return to the Questgiver.


Traverse the Dungeon, and fend off any enemies that may attack you as you search for the sorcerer. When they are slain, exit the dungeon and return to the Questgiver.


[Questgiver] of [Questgiver's location] in [Questgiver's town] has sent me to [Radiant Dungeon], where I am to slay a mad wizard. [Monster's name], which has been terrorizing the land around. If I can have the deed accomplished and be back to him in [Time Limit] days, I will earn my gold.