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The Excavation of Ouze

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Ouze's excavation will take place in two parts.

Recover the shapeshifters' corpses from the tar-pits of Ouze. We have not accounted for all the spinners, or any allies the Bosmer may call upon, so have skeletal servants dig while the brethren keep watch.

Avoid the Guardian! The other spirits seem helpless against us, but the Guardian could be dangerous.

Inside the mine, we should be safe to mine the stones we can turn into animus geodes. Due to the nature of Ouze, these stones that are rare elsewhere should be numerous here. Brethren and skeletons alike are charged with recovering as many of these stones as possible!

<continues in a second hand>

Spirit Shards: 22

Animus Geodes: 4

Soul Diamonds: 2


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