The Family Business is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The quest is given by Azbi-ra at the Speckled Shell Plantation. The plantation has burned down and Azbi-ra wants to know the cause.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Azbi-ra
  2. Salvage Alchemical Tools
  3. Talk to Zaban-ma
  4. Retrieve the Skooma
  5. Talk to Zaban-ma
  6. Talk to Officer Lorin


Officer Lorin asks the Vestige to talk to Azbi-ra, since they are not a Dominion soldier. Azbi-ra will ask the Vestige to find some tools so she can sell them for medicine, in order help her father, Yanalir.

Three houses need to be investigated. One of the houses contains Zaban-ma, Azbi-ra's brother. He mentions that he burned down the house to destroy the equipment his sister used for making Skooma. He mentions that his sister always went to a place on the beach, and came back hours later, acting like nothing happened.

He tells the Vestige that the Skooma is hidden near some colorful shells. They will find a Crosstree Bandit nearby, and they will attack the Vestige, saying they don't want competition.

After the Sack of Skooma Vials has been retrieved from the beach, the Vestige returns to the family, and she and her brother can be found being arrested by Officer Lorin for making Skooma and burning down the plantation. Lorin will also try to arrest the Vestige, in which case they have the option of lying, handing over the sack, or talking to the family. After the evidence has been given to Lorin, the quest is completed.