The Fetish is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It can be started by purchasing an odd statue from a merchant camped just above the entrance of Softloam Cavern.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Purchase Religious Fetish Statue from Zahshur near Softloam Cavern
  2. Find Someone to Identify the Statue
    1. Ask Zahshur about the Statue
    2. Talk to an Acolyte in Kragenmoor
    3. Talk to Haldyn Omavel
  3. Observe Haldyn's Ritual
  4. Search Haldyn's Bag


Just above the delve Softloam Cavern can be found an ashlander merchant named Zahshur, surprised to see someone in such an out-of-the-way location. He offers typical merchant items, as well as an odd statue as he mentions. Upon purchase of the statue (for 150 GoldIcon) the Vestige interacts with the statue in their inventory.

Upon questioning, Zahshur states that he is unsure of the statue's origins, simply finding it while traveling around the region, suggesting the Vestige visits an acolyte in nearby Kragenmoor.

At Kragenmoor, the Vestige talks to Acolyte Raloro, who is similarly unsure of the statue's nature, but remembers that Haldyn Omavel had visited earlier looking for such a statue, having since traveled to some ruins to the north.

North of The Lover, Haldyn, a self-claimed archaeologist, can be found still searching for such a statue. He offers a generous sum to the Vestige for the statue, promising payment on completion of a ritual. He then uses it to summon a Winged Twilight, asking it to "hit him." It does as requested, killing him.

Investigating Haldyn's journal in his nearby backpack, he seems to have repeatedly fantasized about such interactions with daedra, spending his entire life's savings to make it a reality.



  • Due to a lack of a quest marker, and how hidden the merchant is from well-traveled areas, it is likely one of the most well-hidden quests in Stonefalls, if not the entirety of the game.