The Flower of Youth is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


An aging Bosmer named Hartmin brought his dying husband to a grove near Greenheart where they share memories from their youth.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Hartmin
  2. Collect Nereid's Smile Seeds
  3. Bring the seeds to Hartmin


Hartmin's husband Mirilir is dying. They have come to a place of their youth but are disappointed to find none of the flowers that used to grow there. Hartmin wants the Vestige to collect Nereid's Smile Seeds to help him remember the good times when he and his husband were younger. They can be found close by.

As the Vestige returns with the seeds, Mirilir has passed. Hartmin is still grateful and plants the seeds in remembrance of their love.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon