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The Forgemaster (Dawnguard)

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The Forgemaster
Forge Master Cent
Basic Info
Level Radiant (24-30)
Health-icon 853-1019
MagickaIcon 15-265
Loot Leveled, random
Base ID xx015401
For other uses, see The Forgemaster.

The Forgemaster is a unique Dwarven Centurion in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

The Forgemaster is a unique Dwarven Centurion found guarding the Aetherium Forge in the Ruins of Bthalft. It is bigger and stronger than normal Centurions. It appears after all other Dwemer Animunculi in the chamber have been dealt with, arising from the magma from behind the forge. Parts of its armor and metal appear yellow hot, as it was recently bathed in magma. Instead of a normal Centurion steam attack, it performs a fire breath attack, similar to that of dragons. Upon death its armor cools and it shrinks to the size of an ordinary Dwarven Centurion.

During the quest Lost to the Ages, it appears as the last enemy that must be destroyed before the Dragonborn can use the Aetherium Forge.


  • Unlike regular Animunculi, which are immune to frost damage, the Forgemaster is vulnerable to it.
  • Also unlike other Animunculi, the Forgemaster isn't vulnerable to fire.
  • Any viable pieces of metal that are looted from the Forgemaster's body can still be smelted into the respective ingots, despite the metal seemingly showing no warping ill-effects when submerged in magma for what can be safely presumed to be a very extended period of time.


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