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For the character, see The Frozen Man.
The Frozen Man is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It involves finding a Nord who has been trapped in ice by a mysterious "Frozen Man." It takes place in Orkey's Hollow on Bleakrock Isle.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter Orkay's Hollow
  2. Find Eiman
  3. Find clues to the Frozen Man's identity
  4. Talk to the Frozen Man
  5. Enter the Frozen Man's lair
  6. Find the real Frozen Man
  7. Free Eiman
  8. Talk to Rolunda


Talk to Rolunda to obtain quest. Head inside cave. Around to the left, Eiden is found imprisoned behind a wall of ice. The cave is inhabited by Polar Bears, use caution. Locate the Frozen man by proceeding north from the entrance. He will want to play a game where his name must be discovered. Search the cave for the three items (marked on the map).

Return back to the Frozen Man. He will insist on another game. Enter his Lair. Inside there will be the Frozen man along with three illusions of him around the cave. Find the real one. Choose the wrong one and the Frozen Men will reappear in new locations. Once successful, the real one will appear on the rock balcony overlooking the cave below.

The Frozen Man will continue to resist. Try to convince him. Eventually, choose the intimating option (to hurt him). This line of dialog will lead to say that it then makes him a bear trap. Jump down from the balcony and Eiden will be found to the right. Exit and claim any and all rewards.

Who is The Frozen Man?Edit

There are three clues to the identity of the Frozen Man.

  1. The Dented Helm bears the sigil of the Aldmeri Dominion.
  2. The Frozen Man's journal mentions stealing secrets and returning them to "the queen" in the warmth of the woods, which refers to Queen Ayrenn and Valenwood.
  3. His pack contains a mage's rune.

He appears as some kind of purplish elf and is obsessed with squirrels. Despite his insanity, he has several witty one-liners.


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