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The Mages Guild had been formed several years ago. Vanus Galerion the founder left the Guild, angrily calling it a morass and hating what had become of his once noble order.


It was then that Galerion headed out with an army of mages and battlemages and traveled north to a cursed mountain path to settle his business with Mannimarco. Galerion and his army were met by an equally powerful army of necromancers on the mountain, and both sides were ready to fight to the death.

The mages charged first and the battle began, with lightning and frost cascading around them. The necromancers summoned various undead creatures to their sides which were battered by the dDedra summoned by the mages. Galerion and his army won the battle and killed all of the surviving necromancers. Mannimarco was thought to have been killed. Unfortunately, Galerion died from his wounds during the battle. A thousand other battlemages and necromancers had been killed.


Even though Galerion and his army won the battle, the wretched practice of necromancy lived on, and Mannimarco survived. The Mages Guild though not knowing of Mannimarco's survival celebrated and prospered until they were forced to deal with the threat again during the Attack on the Mages Guild.