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The Judgement of Veloth is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The time to confront Vox has arrived -- but it seems that to defeat her, the Vestige need to die by her hammer. The Blessing of Veloth should protect them, but can they return from the dead?

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Hollow
  2. Confront Vox
    1. Choice: I'd never help anyone who murders the innocent
    2. I'm listening
  3. Talk to Meram Vox
  4. Free the Psirit of Priest Malvari
  5. Free the Spirit of Ordinator Da'ravis
    1. Hints: Defeat the Keeper to Free Ordinator Da'ravis
  6. Talk to Ordinator Da'ravis
    1. Persuade: Any advice on how to fight the Keeper?
  7. Talk To Priest Malvari
  8. Hit the Orbs to Slow them Down until both line up
  9. Convince Meram to Join You
    1. Choice: You were a fanatic devoted to Daedric Princes. You cursed the Tribunal
    2. Choice:You were an innocent caught in a power struggle
  10. Enter the Reservoir of Souls
  11. Release the Captured Souls
  12. Defeat Vox
  13. Talk to Almalexia




  • This quest completes the Eidolon's Hollow objective.
  • Killing Vox earns the achievement "Vox Slayer"

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