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The Last Will of Roland Volcy

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Gods strike you, Bhosek, and every wretched Bloody Fist. You may drown me, but you'll never find your gold. Choke and die.

Sea Lily, I cannot know this note will reach you, so I dare not use your name. You are alone in my heart. I regret nothing.

Our mutual friend left me this paper and quill. If my letter reaches you, take my swords and give them to the boy. See that he learns to use them.

As for Bhosek's gold, that's yours. You were good to me and the boy. I left it in our "special place." Take it and sail somewhere safe.

The tide's rising. I must go. Do not mourn me. You were worth every lash. One day, the Eight will bring us together again. Until then, Sea Lily, stay strong and stay safe.

Love, Roland