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The Litany of Larceny

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The Litany of Larceny
Thieves Guild Trophies
Quest Giver Delvin Mallory
Prerequisite Member of Thieves Guild
Reward GoldIcon
Faction Thieves Guild
Type Miscellaneous Quest
Quest ID TGLarceny
The Litany of Larceny is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
"Well, well. I was looking for this little beauty. If you happen across any other unusual trinkets like this, be sure and bring them to me. I promise it'll be worth the effort."
Delvin Mallory

The Litany of Larceny is an unmarked side quest for the Skyrim Thieves Guild. It involves collecting various trophies found all over Skyrim.

These special items serve as a visual reminder of the Dragonborn's accomplishments with the Skyrim Thieves Guild. They are displayed on the trophy cases in the Ragged Flagon Cistern. There are two sets of trophies obtained by separate methods, all while in the service of the Thieves Guild.

The first group of trophies can be found while completing quests from the main Thieves Guild questline. These items can be sold to Delvin Mallory, for leveled amounts of gold, from 100 to 800 (the value of these items are affected by Barter bonuses and Speech perks).

The second group of trophies are rewards for completing a set number of "jobs" for Delvin and Vex (randomized missions known as radiant quests). As more jobs are completed, more trophies are unlocked. The first seven trophies are unique versions of the items that are the targets of Vex's sweep jobs and burglary jobs, while the eighth is a safe filled with replenishing randomized loot.

A final trophy, the Crown of Barenziah, is unlocked by completing the side-quest No Stone Unturned.

Removing items from the trophy case is not counted as stealing, and they can be taken to sell or have as decoration in the Dragonborn's home.

Larceny trophiesEdit

Trophy Location

Queen bee statue

1. Queen Bee Statue

Located on the second floor of the Goldenglow Estate, on a bedside table in Aringoth’s bedroom.

Honningbrew decanter

2. Honningbrew Decanter

Located in Sabjorn's office at the Honningbrew Meadery. The key to the office is given towards the end of the Dampened Spirits quest, but the room with the trophy needs to be picked open as the key does not unlock the door with the trophy.

Shipping map

3. East Empire Shipping Map

Can be found in office overlooking East Empire Company Warehouse, located on the table within the room. One man in the office, and there are a few patrolling the area below it.

Model Ship

4. Model Ship

It can be found in the Snow Veil Catacombs, in a room with a wooden staircase and a stone staircase. The wooden stairs lead to the room with the ship. Once the ship is removed from the pedestal, a trap will drop exploding jars down onto the oil-covered floor. It is easier to grab the ship while standing in the doorway, and simply retreat into the hall until the fire goes out.

Note: If the oil is set on fire before taking the ship, the ship will be hurled across the room by the explosion.

(Recommended): The Telekinesis spell can be used to bring the ship to the Dragonborn without having to step into the room. The explosive jars will still drop but no damage will be received. One way to get Telekinesis is through the College of Winterhold main questline as there is a chance the spell tome will be available when doing the Staff of Magnus quest (As soon as you enter the crypt, look for a table on the right and the spell tome may be there).

Dwemer puzzle cube

5. Dwemer Puzzle Cube

Located inside Calcelmo's Laboratory which is a part of the Dwemer Museum in Markarth. Found on a pedestal in the room with the door exiting to the Wizards' Balcony.

Bust of gray fox

6. Bust of the Gray Fox

Located within Riftweald Manor in Riften. The bust can be found in the basement on a table near the exit to the Ratway Vault. It is sitting next to the quest objective of The Pursuit, and can easily be overlooked.

Left eye of falmer

7. Left Eye of the Falmer

Located in the final chamber of Irkngthand on the corpse of Mercer Frey. The Dragonborn can take it off the shelf of Mercer's bookcase (in the cistern) after selling it to Mallory and then can sell it to another vendor. The other way to gain this is to loot it from Mercer's corpse, but it is not turned into Delvin Mallory. This version won't show up at the guild.

Unlocked trophiesEdit

Trophy Reward for

Jeweled candlestick

1. Jeweled Candlestick

  • Appears after 5 jobs are completed.

Ornate drinking horn

2. Ornate Drinking Horn

  • Appears after 15 jobs are completed.

Golden ship model

3. Golden Ship Model

  • Appears after 25 jobs are completed.

Golden urn

4. Golden Urn

  • Appears after 35 jobs are completed.

Jeweled goblet

5. Jeweled Goblet

  • Appears after 45 jobs are completed.


6. Jeweled Pitcher

  • Appears after 55 jobs are completed.

Jeweled flagon

7. Jeweled Flagon

  • Appears after 75 jobs are completed.


8. Thieves Guild Safe

  • Appears after 125 jobs are completed. It contains random loot and sometimes special thief potions that improve the Dragonborn's stealth skills.

TESV Crown of Barenziah Complete

9. Crown of Barenziah

  • Placed on the bust in the center of the trophy cases upon completion of the mission No Stone Unturned.


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