The Lost Child is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


A child has been kidnapped, and it is the task of the Hero of Daggerfall to rescue them.


  • Enter specified dungeon
  • Find the child
  • Take the child back to the Questgiver
  • Talk to the Fighters Guild contact
  • Leave the child or Take it to the Questgiver.


Kidnapped girl Daggerfall

The Lost Child

Enter the Radiant Dungeon and locate the child. When this is done, take them back to the questgiver.

However, if the Hero has a Reputation of ten or more with the Fighters Guild, they will receive a letter from the Guild telling the hero to meet a Guild contact in a nearby city.

The contact tells the Hero that the child is heir to a fortune, and that the Questgiver was endangering them, so they took the child into their custody. The Hero must then choose either to send the child back to the Questgiver and claim the reward, or to do nothing and leave them in the care of the Fighters Guild.


[Questgiver] of [Questgiver's location], [Questgiver's town] has sent me to rescue his little cousin, [Child's name]. Apparently, she is being held by a group of orcs in [Radiant Dungeon]. I have [Time Limit] days to find her.