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I remember Lost Yokuda. I remember all her great islands.

I remember Samara. Indeed, I had a husband there.

Samara: low, lush, welcoming, with many harbors, warm and sweet of fruit. Teymush was much like his island. Long and long we abided there in loving leisure, until the tides of the Sea of Pearls drew me away from him.

I remember Kanesh. Indeed, I had a husband there.

Kanesh: tall, volcanic, harsh, but strong and blazing with inner heat. Yazhgir was much like his island. We exploded together with liquid heat, but petrified as we cooled. The Azurian called me from his arms at last.

I remember Yath. Indeed, I had a husband there.

Yath: jagged, arid, rugged, magnificent, with clear views from a spine like steel. Soufoudin was much like his island. He pulled me up on a charger to ride by his side, and together we explored every terrain. One day he rode off over a ridge and was gone, and once again I returned to the sea.

I remember Akos Kasaz. Indeed, I had a husband there.

Akos Kasaz: biggest of all, ruler and rebel, moody and many-sided, gentle and brutal. Oshnar was much like his island. There I stayed longest of all, and together we fought wars, reared children, and built the City of Totambu. But even there, one day I scented the east wind from the Abecean, and though by then my hair fell iron-gray to my waist, I returned, at last, to the sea.

I remember Yokuda....


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