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The Lover is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit


If the necklace is chosen, the Vestige will have to collect gems in ruins to the north. When gems are taken to Khalisah to make the necklace, she will think that the necklace is a gift for her. If she receives the negative response she will become sad but will make the necklace nevertheless. If she receives the positive response Julien Rissiel can be persuaded to choose Khalisah instead of Guendeline.

If the poem is chosen, the Vestige will have to ask people around the town for poems. After asking all the people, Julien will have three options: to recite and orcish poem, to read a book of poetry or to compose a poem himself. The recited poem from the book of poetry will happen to be Guendeline's favourite.