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The Mage Stone (Skyrim)

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For other uses, see The Mage Stone.
Guardianstone The Mage Stone
TESV The Mage Stone
Guardian stones map
The mage
Hold Falkreath Hold
Location Southwest of Riverwood.
Description Those under the sign of The Mage will learn all magic skills 20% faster.
Effect Learn magic skills 20% faster.
Location ID GuardianStones

The Mage Stone is a Standing Stone located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is one of the first three Guardian Stones the Dragonborn can choose from.


The Mage Stone improves magic associated skills 20% faster. The Mage skills are:


After completing Unbound, continue to follow either Ralof or Hadvar and they will lead the Dragonborn to it. It is located southwest of Riverwood, and north-northwest of Helgen close to the river.

The Warrior Stone and The Thief Stone can be found at the same place.


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