The Mallari-Mora is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I discovered a Mages Guild expedition at the ruins of Ezduiin. A scholar named Telenger is in charge.

A group of students have gone missing. Telenger the Artificer recruits the Vestige to find them and the Mallari-Mora.

Uricantar, one of Telenger's former students, is using the researchers' souls to form a gate onto a shard of Aetherius. Meldil gives the Vestige his amulet to either release the researchers or kill them.

The Vestige continues through the ruin to find Uricantar and the Mallari-Mora. Kill Uricantar and take the Mallari-Mora back to Telenger for a reward.


Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Andewen
  2. Collect runes (2)
  3. Talk to Andewen at the ruin entrance
  4. Search for missing researchers
  5. Talk to Meldil
    1. Optional: Talk yk Andewen
  6. Release assistants (4)
  7. Talk to Andewen
  8. Enter the inner sanctum
  9. Talk to Uricantar's projection
  10. Seek out Uricantar
  11. Recover the Mallari-Mora
  12. Talk to Telenger the Artificer


During this quest, you will have the option to either kill the researchers, or to enter the spirit realm and rescue them. If you choose the latter option, you will need to enter an Aetherial Gateway in order to leave the Spirit Realm.



  •  PC  : Fixed an issue where the student's dialogue window would close before you could make a choice on how to proceed. This issue was fixed on Update 1.[1]