The Memory Stone is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Gilan Lerano, an old man who never had time for his children, has begged you to take a memory stone to the places of his youth, so they can understand why he was never around.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Mils Lerano (Optional)
  2. Talk to Neria Lerano (Optional)
  3. Go to Balmora Valley
  4. Use Gilan's Memory Stone
  5. Observe Gilan's Memory (Optional)
  6. Travel to the Caldera Crater
  7. Use Gilan's Memory Stone
  8. Observe Gilan's Memory (Optional)
  9. Travel to the Balmora Overlook
  10. Use Gilan's Memory Stone
  11. Observe Gilan's Memory (Optional)
  12. Travel to Balmora
  13. Use Gilan's Memory Stone
  14. Observe Gilan's Memory (Optional)
  15. Talk to Gilan Lerano
  16. Talk to Mils Lerano
  17. Talk to Neria Lerano
  18. Talk to Gilan Lerano
  19. Talk to Neria Lerano


Gilan Lerano will ask you to use Memory Stones in specific locations, so that his children can review them and know why he wasn't there for them. Travel just east of Balmora and use the first Memory Stone. You will see Gilan speaking to Bravora Faren, and eventually proposing to her. She will agree. Next, go to the Caldera Crater and use the Memory Stone. This time, Bravora tells Gilan that she is pregnant, and both of them agree to buy a new house to live together. Next, travel to the Balmora overlook and use the Memory Stone again. This time, you will see Bravora dying after fighting off a group of monsters. Gilan tries to heal her, but to no success. He is left heartbroken. Next go to Balmora and use the Memory Stone. The last memory shows Garil speaking to Master Drenim, who forces him into Telvanni servitude in order for his children to keep their home, but he will not be able to be involved in their lives whatsoever. After all this, return to Garil. He'll ask you one last task, which is to gather his children to visit him. You must now persuade Mils and Neria to visit him. Once you do, you'll find Garil dead on his bedroom floor. Speak to Neria to finish the quest.



  • Balmora
  • Balmora Overlook
  • Balmora Valley
  • Caldera Crater


  • Belt of Notched Memories
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • After the quest, a memory of Garil will appear and apologise for his absence in his children's lives. Neria is very sad, and Mils finally grows to understand that his Father loved him.