The Miner's Lament is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Red Rooks have taken over the Crosswych Mine, turning the miners into slaves. Further, anyone who resists them are sent into the mines as prisoners.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Rescue three Prominent Citizens from the Mines
  2. Kill Foreman Blaise
  3. Find Tamien Sellan Outside the Inn
  4. Talk to Tamien Sellan Outside the Inn
  5. Complete the quest


Anyone who stands up to Sternis Gelves ends up in the Crosswych mines. He works his prisoners to death down there. We need to close the mine and take that resource away from the Red Rooks. They took control of the mine when they arrived and now holds Councilor Lia, Smith Suriel and Len the Innkeeper as prisoners. Free them and let them know we are organizing, it will also let the townsfolk gain some confidence. Meet up behind the Inn when finished.

Head over to the mines and enter. Fight the Red Rooks and free the three prominent citizens and any other miners if possible. Talk to Lia, Suriel and Len about the resistance. Lia mentions she needs something done and asks the Vestige to kill Foreman Blaise. Go to the back of the mine, near the exit shaft. If he is nowhere to be seen, just ring the cave-in warning bell. Then he'll come out.

The Miner's LamentForeman Blaise

Foreman Blaise

Follow the marker to the back of the mine and ring the bell if Foreman Blaise isn't seen. He will attack on sight, defeat him and head back outside. Find Tamien behind the Inn and talk to him.

He is glad to see the Vestige as he has heard praises from a number of rescued miners. He has sent some of the miners to Councilor Virgile to recover and as soon as they're able, they'll return to the mine and clear the rest of the Red Rooks out. As Blaise is dead, they can now plan the next step.