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The Missing of Bleakrock is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I've found evidence that the Daggerfall Covenant may soon attack Bleakrock and the rest of the Pact. We need to evacuate as soon as possible, but anyone who doesn't rally to the village will be left behind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find the missing villagers
  2. Tell Captain Rana to evacuate early (Optional)


To complete the quest, the Vestige must find the missing inhabitants of Bleakrock Village:

In order to save all of the villagers, these side quests will need to be completed in the process:

Afterwords, report back to Captain Rana to complete the quest.


  • 85 GoldIcon


Journal Entry
  • Objective: Find Missing Villagers
  • Objective: Find Missing People
  • Objective: Investigate Skyshroud Barrow
  • Objective: Investigate Orkey's Hollow
  • Objective: Investigate Hozzin's Folly
  • Objective: Tell Captain Rana to Evacuate
  • Quest complete


  • This quest is related to an Achievement: Find Bleakrock's Missing People.

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