"Let me see the finger. Ah... Yes, it bears the curse of Asmoth. Each night, for 1001 nights, at the stroke of midnight the spirit of Asmoth will visit the owner of this Finger. The only way to break the curse is to destroy the real Asmoth in his tomb at Ruins of Old Gwynyrrya's Place. (Or any other random ruin.)"
―Priest of Arkay[src]

The Mummy's Finger is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


When speaking to either an innkeeper or a merchant, they may task The Agent with delivering an item to one of their contacts. This was however a trick from the merchant or innkeeper to get rid of the curse.


  • When speaking to a merchant or innkeeper, they ask if the hero is able to make a delivery.
  • Upon accepting, they give a piece of parchment, a finger and a certain amount of GoldIcon.
  • The delivery turns out to be a trick to rid the merchant or innkeeper of the finger.
  • The Hero can still continue going to the contact, and ask them about information, but they offer the same amount of information as the other NPC's. Asking around about the finger, the Hero eventually learns more about the finger and who it belonged to.
  • The Hero goes to the dungeon where the mummy that the finger belongs to resides, and kills it, completing the quest.


The Mummy's Finger
StageJournal Entry
0I have been hired to make a delivery to a (contact's name) of (contact's town). My mysterious employer paid me (amount of) gold and promised(second amount of gold) more when I complete my assignment. No time frame was specified, but my employer seemed very anxious for me to be on my way.
  • Quest accepted
1I have been tricked. The supposed delivery to (contact's name) was actually a cursed mummy finger.
2I have learned that the mummy whose curse I suffer is buried in (dungeon). I must destroy his true form or his spirit will continue to haunt me for 1001 nights.
  • Quest Complete