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The Mysteries of Moravagarlis

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  • Location: Wayrest
  • Author: Anonymous


Scholars have studied the Ayleid ruins of Tamriel for generations, but they still remain shrouded in mystery. The treasures the Ayleids allegedly left behind have attracted both the intrepid and the foolish.

Some ruins are best left unexplored.

The Mages Guild has long sought to study a particular Ayleid site known according to old Ayleid records as Moravagarlis. Upon approaching its engraved arches, the first expedition wrote that they could detect a sense of wrongness about the very stones of the place.

Those who remained at Moravagarlis for a significant time spoke of strange dreams and mad whispers that tugged at the edges of their sanity. Very little was discovered at the ruin as a result of the disturbances, and the dig was eventually abandoned.

Further expeditions became ill advised when the ruin was infested with Goblins in 2E 545. The "Bonesnap" tribe occupied Moravagarlis and the surrounding environs so thoroughly that dislodging them would have required a very difficult undertaking.

Naturally, it is impossible to ascertain whether the Goblins experience any effects similar to those reported by the expedition team. It bears mentioning as well that if any valuables or secrets of the Ayleids remain, they have almost certainly come to ruin at the hands of the Bonesnap tribe.


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