The Naked Nord is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige meets a naked, confused Nord on the side of the road near Quarantine Serk.


No pants? Oh, let me think. I was escorting a witch to Narsis. She got frisky, but I'm a married man. After that, my memories get hazy. I think she cast a spell on me and took a valuable axe. It's been in my wife's family for generations.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Norgred Hardhelm
  2. Find the witch
  3. Locate Norgred's axe
  4. Locate Norgred's pants
  5. Return the axe to Norgred


The Vestige meets a naked Nord on the side of the road near Quarantine Serk. The Nord, named Norgred, explains to them he was escorting a witch. The witch got playful, but Norgred refused her as he is a married man. He remembers nothing after that, but he has lost both his axe and his pants. The Vestige is tasked with finding both. After talking to Norgred, the Vestige will have to seek the witch, which turns out to be Evigna, Norgred's wife. She explains that Norgred did not escort a witch, but was in fact just very drunk. After speaking to Evigna, the Vestige will have to locate Norgred's axe and pants and return them to Norgred.