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The Nameless Soldier is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Alana and her soldiers were ambushed on their way to confront Faolchu. Now Alana has been taken captive and the remaining soldiers are too few to divide their attention. Moreover, the Vestige still need to figure out how Faolchu was killed in this time period.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

There are two choices here, either kill the enemy or rescue Alana. This walkthrough is written with the first choice.

  1. Kill Faolchu
  2. Talk to the Nameless Soldier
  3. Return to the Present
  4. Leave the Crypt and talk to Sarvith
  5. Talk to Grahla
  6. Complete the quest


Continue talking to Scout Hanil and he'll reveal that there isn't much time. They expect Faolchu to launch a full-scale assault at any moment. It's a tough choice, either rescue Alana or go after Faolchu. This time the choice fell on going after the enemy so the Vestige tells the Scout to find Alana. Hanil says he'll send a soldier to aid and she'll wait inside.

After making the decision, go inside Faolchu's Lair and head down to the inner cave. There Faolchu, in the shape of a werewolf he is. When fighting Faolchu, a spirit appears and kills him. Go over and talk to the spirit, it's the Nameless Soldier. He says to return to the present through the nearby portal as killing Faolchu revealed his weakness is fire.

After coming back from the past, leave the crypt and find Sarvith Yunlin. He'll be waiting nearby. He's glad to see the Vestige back in one piece. So the armor did drew the user into the past. After telling him the weakness of Faolchu he wants them to quickly find Grahla and tell her the news.

Find Grahla waiting at the camp. She was afraid that they had lost them and is pleased they are back. The legends say that when the Nameless Soldier killed Faolchu the armor shattered. She was afraid that history would repeat itself. Alana was killed but if the weakness was learned from this, she didn't die in vain. Tell her what was found out and she'll say: Fire! Of course. That makes perfect sense. The beast can't stand against its purifying flame. Now we will set Camlorn free and destroy Faolchu once and for all. She sends the Vestige to find the Lion Guards to let them know they've learned after giving them the reward.


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