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I knew Malachite would not have the conductivity required for this process. We pursued yet another futile path, but Zur was insistent. We will keep at it. I do wish Zur would take the time to organize and collect his notes, though.


Through the process of elimination and trial and error—trial on my part, error when Zur is in control—I think we finally made a breakthrough! I believe that the following items will result in antipodal rods that can conduct the currents of magicka required to reverse the soul-meld while also withstanding the forces of the negative vortex.

Ebony Ore
— Crystalline Essence Matrix (the silicate structure of this gem will be incorporated to disperse the negative energy)
— Refined Void Salts (do not, under any circumstances, use the unrefined salts)

These base components require an alchemical catalyst to properly merge their properties when super-heated within a forge. I will do further research as to a suitable catalyst. And I will pray to my ancestors and the Tribunal that it is something we can find within this Vile Laboratory.


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