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The Oak and Crosier

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For this location in Online, see Oak and Crosier.

The Oak and Crosier is a large inn and historic landmark located in Chorrol. It has existed from at least before the coming of Tiber Septim, when it was hosted by an Argonian named Strong-Voice. Most recently it has been hosted by a Khajiit named Talasma who offers both food and drink. It sells a variety of teas, tonics, beers and liqueur from across Tamriel.

Patrons include Praxedes Afranius, Otius Loran, Eugal Belette, Contumeliorus Florius and Casta Scribonia. The beds are 10 GoldIcon a night.

The Oak and Crosier Cellar is behind the counter; the door is locked.