Not to be confused with Old Orc.

The Oldest Orc is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


An Orc imprisoned in the dungeons below Salas En, an Ayleid ruin, claims to have lived there for centuries, kept alive by Aldmeri enchantment. The Vestige sets him free.


  1. Set Gurlak free.
  2. Talk to Gurlak and collect the rewards.


There are twelve tiles on the ground around Gurlak. Pressing the tiles in the correct order will disable them one by one, eventually disabling the enchantment and setting Gurlak free. If a tile is pressed at the wrong order, a Wrath may show up and attack. Clues of the order can be found on the Constellation displayed on the wall around the chamber. The correct order is: Ritual, Lover, Lord, Mage,  Shadow,  Steed, Apprentice, Warrior, Lady, Tower, Atronach, Thief. After depressing the tiles in the correct order the enchantment which imprisons Gurlak disappears. Gurlak then rewards the Vestige with Mauloch's Cleaver, then goes into a portal with his lover's spirit.