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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Unknown


Day 15Edit

The chiefs have met for many days. Our enemy waits on the outside, but we do not know what waits within, only that food runs low and the devices in this ruin are starting to cool. The question is: leave or venture further in, in hopes of finding an exit on the other side.

Day 17Edit

At long last, it was decided to send a scout further in to see if anything lies on the other side of this ruin.

Day 18Edit

The scout has returned. He reports a valley, warmed by these Dwarven contraptions, and rich in game for slaughter. The chiefs are eager to believe his reports, though I am skeptical. From the way the scout talks, he has found Hircine's own hunting grounds.

Day 19Edit

A vote was held. I cast mine for a valorous end, in battle, against our enemies, for the dead of Orsinium. But the scout's hyperbole carried the day. We move further in.