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The Planemeld is Nigh

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The Planemeld is Nigh is one of several Songs in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Of all the Daedric princes
There's one with shocking gall
His goal, the domination
and enslavement of us all

The God of Schemes
The Prince of Pain
The Captain of Corruption.

He tills the land of Tamriel
And sows the seeds of destruction

The planemeld is nigh, the planemeld is nigh
Our world will disappear.

The planemeld is nigh, the planemeld is nigh,
our doom is drawing near.

Chains of darkness grip the land
And draw it ever near.

To his nightmare, Coldharbour,
Where hope bows down to fear,

Tearing souls of innocents
into eternal pain.
While his Daedric minions sing praises of his name.

The Planemeld is nigh
The planemeld is nigh.
As Molag Bal commands

The planemeld is nigh
The planemeld is nigh
Our doom is now at hand.

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