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The Price List

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Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Mevure Hlen at the Tailors and Dyers Hall in the St. Olms Canton
  2. Obtain the letter from a locked chest at the East Empire Company Hall in Ebonheart
  3. Return to Hlen for a two point bonus to the Mercantile skill

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Spy on the competitionEdit

You can only receive this quest after delivering a letter for Llaalam Dredil in Ebonheart. Once this is done, speak with Mevure Hlen at the Tailors and Dyers Hall on the St. Olms Canton Waistworks level who wants to know how the East Empire Company in Ebonheart sets its prices.

The Price ListEdit

You'll have to return to Ebonheart to seek the letter's contents. J'Zhirr has placed the letter that you seek in a locked chest behind a locked door near where he stands. Unfortunately, this room is well guarded so take your chances and pick the lock, and pay the resulting fine if you are caught (or just kill everyone if that's your thing), or use a chameleon spell to help conceal you. Bring the letter back to Hlen to receive a two point bonus to the Mercantile skill.


  • Quest stage 35 can never be obtained.