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The Ratway Warrens is located south of The Ratway Vaults in Riften. It consists of several smaller rooms and one large room, Esbern's hideout, on 2 floors with an open space in the middle where the stairs are. The larger room is found on the upper floor with a desk and bookcase, a bed and a large storage area with cooking utensils, a cooking pot and some ingredients.

Salvianus occupies a room on the lower floor and a hole on the upper floor leads straight to his room.

Going by the nature of the residents and things they say, it is reasonable to assume that the Warren is a known refuge for those who do not wish to be found.


There are four residents total in the warrens.

  • Hefid the Deaf has secluded herself in small dark room on the ground floor and is repeating the same checklist over and over again out loud. If the Dragonborn pickpockets any of the items in her inventory off of her, she will change her response on the checklist accordingly. She may run away if startled.
  • Knjakr is a butcher who is found on the second floor. The Dragonborn may approach him and attempt to talk to him, but this will cause him to attack.
  • Salvianus, is an ex-Imperial officer, which the Dragonborn may infer from his possessions and the quotes he keeps repeating to himself.
  • Esbern can be found by approaching a door with a sliding view panel. He will only speak to the player through the open panel until the quest A Cornered Rat is active.

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