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The The Real Barenziah Books are a five book series written by Plitinius Mero.


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  • Therris, What a Terrible Fate He Met...

    4 messages
    • Well, If you just want to punish someone, a knife in the back or a rope around the neck would suffice. But when you want to send out a message...
    • wrote:Therris, What a Terrible Fate He Met. Was his punishment just, or was it unwarranted and cruel? After being caught ...
  • The Real Barenziah: is it fact or fiction?

    10 messages
    • i would say it's true (for the most part. like any "true story" book or movie these days, there is always the possibilty of embellishment).
    • Barenziah and Plintius both comfirm that the book is a fairly accurate retelling of Barenziah's life in Morrowind.  It's most probably tr...

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