The Safety of the Kingdom is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Dame Falhut is dead, and the threat against Duchess Lakana is over, at last for the moment.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sir Hughes
  2. Head to the Knight's house
    1. Sir Hughes kept a journal. Perhaps it will offer insights as to why he turned against Duchess Lakana.
    2. Sir Hughes has been having nightmares. He saw visions of Duchess Lakana betraying Duke Nathaniel and taking over Alcaire. This explains everything.
  3. Find Duchess Lakana
  4. Talk to Duke Nathaniel
  5. Complete the quest


Even after the death of Dame Falhut, Sir Hughes shows concerns and suggests to the Vestige to meet him in his house for a private talk. When they arrive at the house, they will find Envoy Darima sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. She thinks Sir Hughes sent the Vestige to kill her. Then she realizes that the duchess must be in danger, Sir Hughes isn't checking in on her, he's about to kill her.

After untying Darima, they look for some clues in the cottage. They will find Sir Hughes' Journal on the table and it gives an insight in what has happened to the knight and why he's turned against the duchess. But when arriving at the Alcaire Keep to find the duchess, they are too late. The duke is leaning over her body and when they talk to him, he will ask why someone would do this. Where are the Knights of the Flame and why didn't they protect his wife.

When the Vestige search her body they'll find a blade that belongs to Sir Hughes, and when they tell the duke it was the knight that was responsible for killing the duchess, he will not believe it. Why would he do this and what will he say to her sister and father.