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The Sailor's Pipe is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild.

Quick walkthroughEdit


Unique itemsEdit

  • Sailor's Pipe - An unremarkable, but care-worn, wood pipe packed with old ash, dirt, and memories.


Journal Entry

Spencer Rye runs a finder's business and uses the Thieves Guild to track down his quarries. Helping him will surely reflect well on your skill as a thief, and be lucrative to boot.

I was sent to recover the Sailor's Pipe from Shark's Teeth Grotto.

  • Objective: Retrieve the Sailor's Pipe

I recovered the Sailor's Pipe mentioned in the finder's contract. I should return to Spencer Rye to receive my payment.

  • Objective: Talk to Spencer Rye
  • Quest complete

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