The Serpent Lord is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


"Sea Elves have entered Serpent's Grotto, and one of the Maormer mages has broken the seals that bound a massive sea serpent here for centuries.

Priestess Sendel gave me a blood rune. I need to kill enemies to fill the blood rune and then use it on each of the three seals the Maormer have broken.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  • Repair Elain's Seal
  • Repair Ralos's Seal
  • Repair Valir's Seal
  • Defeat the Maormer Mage


Progress through Serpent's Grotto, defeating 15 Maormer along the way. (5 are required for each of the seals, using the Blood Rune.

(These can be either the Lamia, Lamia Domina, or one of the Maormer.)

Types of Sea Vipers (Maormer) include:

Once this is completed, defeat the Maormer Mage at the end, Eilgun the Serpent Lord.