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The Shirt of His Back is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


An Argonian trader is late on a delivery of a shipment of clothes and needs help getting them delivered on time.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Rasha.
  2. Deliver the five exquisite shirts to Bivale Teneran in Ald'ruhn.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Southwest from Ald'ruhn, on the road to Caldera, The Nerevarine will find Rasha, who has a shipment of five exquisite shirts that needs to be delivered to Bivale Teneran in the Ald'ruhn. He will ask to take an oath to Zenithar before he gives the shirt to be delivered.

Note: while under this oath, access to the services will be denied in Ald'ruhn until the delivery is completed. This includes transportation, bartering and repair services. There in no way to accept this quest without taking this oath, so it is recommended to deliver the shirts rather than selling or keeping them.

Bivale is located in the Ald'ruhn Manor District. Her shop is the first to the left of the entrance. Once delivered, The Nerevarine will receive a Belt of Iron Will as reward.


Journal Entry
During my travels, I encountered an Argonian trader named Rasha. It seems he's a little behind on his deliveries, and doesn't feel he'll make it to Ald'ruhn in time for his shipment.
Rasha has asked me if I'd be willing to deliver his shipment of clothing to Bivale Teneran the clothier in Ald'ruhn. Apparently, Teneran will pay me for the shipment upon delivery.
I've agreed to take the clothing shipment, which turns out to be five shirts, to Bivale Teneran in Ald'ruhn. Teneran will compensate me upon delivery. I've decided not to take Rasha's clothing shipment to Ald'ruhn.
Rasha's shirts have been successfully delivered to Bivale Teneran the clothier in Ald'ruhn. As payment, she has given me a Belt of Iron Will. Not a bad payment for a delivery job.


  • The Exquisite Shirts given by Rasha has a different ID than the regular version of them. Therefore these shirts won't stack with regular shirts. This also means that Bivale will only accept the shirts from Rasha and nothing else.
  • Even though you deliver 6 shirts during the quest, it says in the journal that you deliver 5.

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