The Skin-Stealer's Lair is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Vicecanon Hrondar was replaced by a Dominion Skin-stealer. I need to find the imposter and stop the remaining skin-stealers in Ten-Maur-Wolk.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find the Temple Complex Entrance
  2. Explore the Temple Complex
  3. Enter the Portal
  4. Explore the Temple Complex
  5. Talk to Lyranth
  6. Find the Inner Altar


  1. Talk to Bijot
    1. Destroy the Animus Geodes Holding Bijot's Friends (3)
    2. Talk to Bijot at the Inner Altar
  2. Talk to Lyranth
  3. Enter the Vault
  4. Destroy the Hist Vats
  5. Kill Vicecanon hrondar's Imposter
    1. Optional: Talk to Bijot in the Vault
  6. Talk to Bijot
  7. Talk to Vicecanon Servyna outside of Ten-Maur-Wolk
    1. Hints: Escape the Vault




  • This quest completes the Ten-Maur-Wolk