The Slavers is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Margot Oscent has a son named Lucas who's missing, and she's worried because she thinks he may have been taken by the slavers.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Lucas Oscent
  2. Talk to Margot Oscent
  3. Complete the quest


Margot is in distress and asks the Vestige has to look out for her son. With Ember-Eye Slavers about, she's afraid something terrible has happened. She saw him last at breakfast, then he went out to play. The deputy won't look for him, but the slavers could have slipped him off to Morrowind by that moment. Margo explains that he sometimes goes fishing on the beach just south of the village, wearing his little boots and asks the Vestige to find the little boy.

Offer to help, then head off following the marker to a small island south off docks where Lucas seems to be held. Sneak around to avoid the Ember-Eye Slavers until the last large tent. Defeat the two bandits outside or sneak pass them to get inside the tent.

Inside is a grown man sitting on the floor and he seems to be angry. The slavers outside the tent had been talking about where their base of operations was before getting interrupted by the Vestige. This man is Margot's "little boy," Lucas. He says his mother is overprotective, making him feel embarrassed. Now she had messed up the whole plan by sending someone to rescue him while he had gone there to spy on the slavers.

Deputy Luric and Lucas had come up with a plan since Constable Pascal is acting strange. He would sneak into their camp and find out the whereabouts of their base. He may not have heard where it is but there are plans for some other attack floating around the camp. Untie Lucas so he can go home and ease his mother's mind, then find the plans before going back to the village.

When back in the village, find Margot to see that her son has come back safely. She is happy because he arrived in time for dinner. Margot will express how it weights heavily on a mother's heart to worry about her son and also how she will never foget what the Vestige has done for her and that she hopes little Lucas grows up to be like them.


  • 18–75 GoldIcon