The Slumbering Farmer is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Supernal Dreamers have attacked the Vanne Farm and captured the owner, Ingride Vanne, with the intention of subjecting her to some dark ritual.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Brother Perry
    1. Can use Intimidate here
  2. Collect Scamp Heart
  3. Collect Ritual Candle
  4. Collect Dremora Heart
  5. Place the three items inside Stonebridge Mill on altars
  6. Perform the Ritual
  7. Talk to Ingride Vanne
  8. Complete quest


After finding and untied a man outside one of the buildings on the farm, talk to him in a more save spot. He tells the Vestige the Supernal Dreamers have attacked and captured Ingride Vanne. He was on his way back to Pariah Abbey and Ingride offered him to stay the night. It just happened to be the night the cultists attacked. They serve Vaermina and will summon a daedric spirit to inhabit Ingride's body. The enchantment must be broken so she can be freed.

To break the enchantment one has to reverse the daedric ritual, which will require gathering a few ... somewhat grisly items. Two hearts of two different daedra. Then a ritual candle which can be found in Ingride's barn. Take the items to Stonebridge Mill where Ingride lies and perform the ritual. Offer the dremora heart first, then light the ritual candle and finally offer the scamp heart.

Go round the farm to find scamps and a Dremora, kill them and collect the hearts. Then go to the barn to collect the ritual candle. Head over to the mill and place the items on the three altars. Perform the ritual in the correct order (Dremora, Candle, Scamps) as described and the spell will be broken.

Go over to Ingride and talk to her and to see if she is all right. She is a bit disoriented but realize the Vestige has broken the spell and she is grateful. But wait... what about Rozenn Vanne?