The Smith's Apprentice is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is a miscellaneous quest that starts when talking to Ilnori Faustus about "become an adventurer."


Ilnori Faustus is a blacksmith apprentice to Bols Indalen at the Craftsmen's Hall, but thinks this is beneath his dignity. He rather plans to become an adventurer and announces that the Nerevarine will not encounter him again when they next visit the Craftsmen's Hall.


  • Talk to Ilnori Faustus.
  • Leave and then return to the Craftsmen's Hall to find Faustus gone.
  • Talk to Bols Indalen.
  • Head to The Winged Guar.
  • Return to the Craftsmen's Hall and talk to Therdon and Bols Indalen.


When the Nerevarine leaves the Craftsmen's Hall after his first conversation, Ilnori Faustus will indeed be gone upon his next visit there. Bols Indalen, the smith who was Ilnori's superior, will be very angry and ask the Nerevarine to find him a new apprentice and send anyone looking for work his way.

Therdon at The Winged Guar has recently lost his job as a pillow manufacturer and is now looking for a job. He will accept the position of Bold Indalen's apprentice. Upon returning to the Craftsmen's Hall, the Nerevarine meets Therdon again, who gives them two Master's Armorer's Hammers and two Repair Prongs. Bols Indalen will also thank them and offer making custom armor for them.



The Smith's Apprentice
ID Journal Entries
1 Today I met an extremely rude smithy's apprentice by the name of Ilnori Faustus. He told me how he plans on becoming an adventurer, and how he expects to abandon his apprenticeship very soon.
10 Bols Indalen at the Craftmen's Hall has lost his apprentice. The smith told me to send anyone I find looking for work his way.
  • Quest accepted
20 I met a Redguard by the name of Therdon looking for work. I told him about the apprentice leaving Bols Indalen's service, and he seemed interested. He said he'll stop by there and apply soon.
30 Therdon applied and got the job as a smith's apprentice with Bols Indalen at the Craftmen's Hall. Both Therdon and Bols seem quite happy with their arrangement.
  • Quest completed

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