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The Song of Grandfather Frost is a skill book that permanently increases one's Alchemy skill when read. This item, along with a character named Grandfather Frost, exist in the Construction Set but cannot be found in-game. They were replaced with The Song of Uncle Sweetshare and Uncle Sweetshare.


He he! Ha ho!
To the workshop we will go!

The candy -- so sweet! A yummy winter treat!
Sugar warmed by the pale hearth light
Happiness spreads throughout the night!

He he! Ha ho!
To the workshop we will go!

Grandfather Frost is coming near
To spread his candy and his cheer!
Better than trinkets, better than toys
So say the little girls and boys!

He he! Ha ho!
To the workshop we will go!

Candy, candy -- he makes so much!
Using the Grandfather's magic touch!

So it's back to the workshop in the snow!
With lovely lanterns all aglow!
He he! Ha ho! He he he ha ha ho!


This item can be obtained on the PC by using the console:

Player -> AddItem "sc_GrandfatherFrost" 1


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