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The Spiced Wine is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Evette San is a shopkeeper in Solitude who sells spiced wine.


  • Talk to Evette San
  • Talk to Vittoria Vici and convince her to release a shipment of spices
  • Return to Evette San to inform her of the outcome


If you engage Evette San in conversation at her market stall, she asks if you have a few minutes to run down to the docks. There is a shipment of spices that the East Empire Company is holding up. She wants someone to convince them to release the shipment.

Going to the docks and entering the East Empire building, you meet Vittoria Vici behind the counter. She is thinking about her impending wedding, but directs her attention to you anyway. When you ask about the spice shipment, she announces there is a 2,000 GoldIcon tariff to be paid! You have the choice of paying the tariff, persuading her to waive the tariff (tested successful at Speech 53), or giving her a bribe (about 10%) to overlook the tariff. If you have an amulet of Dibella, it helps pass the speech check on the persuade option. After you succeed in one of the three options, she observes that she enjoys spiced wine and advises you that the spices will be delivered to Evette soon.

Returning to Evette, you tell her the outcome and that the spices will arrive shortly. Evette gives you two bottles of spiced wine as a reward for your efforts (if you persuaded Vittoria to waive the tariff).


The Spiced Wine
  • Objective: Convince Vittoria Vici to release the Spiced Wine shipment
  • Objective: Tell Evette San that Vittoria Vici agreed to release the shipment
  • Quest complete

*Note: the "Quest complete" stage of this quest is not actually in the journal.


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