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The book is part of a play written by Ellya Erdain and is riddled with sexual innuendo, very similar to The Lusty Argonian Maid.

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The Sultry Argonian Bard

Volume 1

by Ellya Erdain

Act VI, Scene II, continued

Croon-Tail: My lady, I could never perform your request!

Ellya Erdain: Oh? Is it too fast for you?

Croon-Tail: I fear that it may damage my instrument.

Ellya Erdain: Ah, but you seem to handle your instrument so well, my darling.

Croon-Tail: You flatter me, my lady.

Ellya Erdain: Yes, well it is such a large and magnificent piece. May I hold it?

Croon-Tail: Goodness no! The innkeeper would never approve of such a public display.

Ellya Erdain: Then, may I suggest a private performance? Perhaps, away from the noise of the inn where we both may enjoy your tremendous talent.

Croon-Tail: Surely you don't mean for me to accompany you to your room?

Ellya Erdain: Indeed I do, my sweet. Indeed I do.



  • Although "Volume One" is in the title of the book, there is no second volume, that is known of.
  • This book adds on to the crude humor seen in previous Elder Scrolls games' take on the 'Adult Genre' of books.
  • The author of this volume is the woman character in the story.
  • The book's title is a reference to The Lusty Argonian Maid, A Song



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