The Summoner is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It concerns two Mage brothers, who plan to terrorize the city of Mournhold with their powers.


Gavis Velas is a feared summoner in Mournhold. His less talented brother Ovis Velas strives to take the credit for Gavis' actions and eventually attacks the Nerevarine on the Great Bazaar, assuming they would be an easy fight. Killing him starts the quest.

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The Summoner
ID Journal Entry
1 Today Ovis Velas magically appeared before me, announced he was going to put on a display of his power, then attacked me. Oddly enough, he went down far too easily, and scarcely harmed me. I wonder what this could mean.
  • Quest accepted
10 Drathas Reyas has told me that there is a Velas Manor in Godsreach. The strange wizard I killed was named Velas. Perhaps I should go investigate.
20 I have discovered the true wizard of Dratha's rumors. The one I killed previously was only the brother of Gavis Velas, a very powerful summoner. He has challenged me to a duel, and it will take place immediately.
30 I have killed Gavis Velas and his summoned minions. May their scourge never threaten Mournhold again.
  • Quest completed

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