For other uses, see The Sunken One.

The Sunken One is a leveled Storm Atronach that the Hero may face when looking for Slythe Seringi.


The Sunken OneEdit

When the Hero enters the settlement Shetcombe Farm, they'll find the first page of a journal that will lead them to Sandstone Cavern. The Sunken One can be found inside the cavern after they have solved what happened to Slythe and he needs to be killed in order to be complete the quest.

Leveled statsEdit

Level Soul Health Magicka Spells ID
4 Common 100 30 Freezing Touch, Atronach Frostbolt 00009EF6
8 Greater 200 45 Atronach Frostbolt, Shocking Touch 00009EF7
13 Greater 300 60 Shocking Touch, Atronach Lightning 00009EF8
20 Greater 450 90 Atronach Frostbolt, Freezing Touch 00009EF9


  • The Sunken One might be a reference to the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft.