The Swordmaster Division is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a quest at Thizzrini Arena in Malabal Tor.



After completing "The Sorcerer Division", Feluni sends the Vestige to Zara, the Swordmaster trainer. 

Mirten is the first challenger in the arena. He dual-wields daggers and will often leap forward to strike the Vestige.

Defeating him causes Thael the Impaler to appear. He uses a two-handed mace. Using ranged attacks and ones that knock him back prevent him from getting close to the Vestige and dealing any damage.

Rayfa the Reaper is the last challenger. She uses a sword and shield. She can use Area of Effect attacks often, so be aware of where she will attack next. This fight is best done in the third person view to see the attacks better.

After killing everyone in the Swordmaster's Arena, talk to Zara, then go to the Main Arena.

Harin is the first opponent in the main arena. He uses a mace and shield and runs at the Vestige as soon as he can. He can spit fire and will use an armor buff if he can.

Defeating Harin leads to Zara's announcement and entrance. The spike traps will work in this fight, so don't step on them. The Vestige can trick Zara into stepping on them and win the fight quickly that way.

Return to Feluni who grants the Vestige their reward.  


Swordmaster's Shoulderplates, 270 GoldIcon


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  • Sometimes after a death in the main arena the quest will try to spawn the Vestige in Cyrodiil. This can be avoided by waiting until the counter finishes to respawn in the same location or logging out and in again.