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The Toothmaul Ploy is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Investigate the gully
  2. Talk to Byz
  3. Find evidence of Nelanya's bargain
  4. Find Byz
  5. Talk to Pirondil
  6. Choice: (see below)
    1. Kill Koth and search his body (if you choose not to help the goblins)
    2. Save Koth. (Obtain Key)
  7. Confront Nelanya
  8. Talk to Pirondil


If one choose to save the Goblin Chief, a merchant in Skywatch, Nerassil the Bound can be overheard saying "You should have killed every last one of those Toothmaul Goblins. Why let their chief walk free?"

Best to do with a group since there are many enemies throughout the underground tunnels.


  • I stumbled onto an investigator named Pirondil being threatened by an unknown Altmer assailant in a Goblin cave. He's enlisted me to help get to the bottom of the situation.
  • Byz has suggested I search the Goblin dens for the contract between the Toothmaul tribe and the Altmeri woman known as Nelanya.



  • Should you choose to let her live, Nelanya can be found again at the Salted Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard. She is reading a book as she awaits a ship to take her away to a new start.
  • If you choose the Goblins, they become forced into slavery.

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