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For other uses, see The Tower Stone.
Guardianstone The Tower Stone
TESV The Tower Stone
The tower stone
The tower
Hold Winterhold Hold
Location Halfway between Winterhold and Dawnstar, at the top of the cliff.
Description Those under the sign of The Tower have the option to automatically open Expert or lower locks.
Effect Unlock any Expert or lower level lock once per day.
Location ID DoomstoneSnowy01

The Tower Stone is a Standing Stone in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Tower Stone enables the Dragonborn the ability to automatically open expert or lower level locks once a day.


The Stone can be found between Winterhold and Dawnstar, on a mountain, directly west of the College of Winterhold. If the Dragonborn has already been to Hob's Fall Cave, the stone can be seen from the entrance -- it lies North by North-West of the cave's entrance on top of a cliff.

Immediately surrounding the Tower stone are several birds nests on small stunted trees, which may each contain a random bird egg. There are two quicksilver ore veins upon approaching the Stone.


  • This stone's blessing comes in handy for escaping from prison, as both chests have Expert locks. Simply get the Dragonborn's equipment (including all their lockpicks) from one chest and unlock the other.


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