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The Treasure of Stillrise Village

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Gather your coven and make your way to Stillrise Village as quickly as possible. A treasure there unlike any we have seen in many generations awaits the Cult of the Black Worm.

Take or create as many animus geodes as possible; you will find use for them, I promise you! I would go myself, but I do not have enough servants in Shadowfen to complete this task to its fullest.

When you arrive, be certain to use your witch-sight on the inhabitants. Not all is as it seems in that quiet little village. You will understand my meaning when you follow my orders.

I would say more, but you know how our communications can be unreliable, even within our ranks. Discover the secret of Stillrise Village and you'll understand my excitement. Bring back a great treasure, Felra, and you and I will "Still Rise" in the ranks of our Order! — Deskin


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