The Tree-Minder's Fate is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Mystery surrounds Forsaken Hamlet. An Argonian tree-minder lies murdered at the edge of her village. The tree-minder's missing items may be the Vestiges first clue to solving the mystery. They need to find the broken staff, pages from her book, and the lost key.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Recover Broken Haft
  2. Recover Ancient Book
  3. Recover Lost Key
  4. Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa (Spirit)
  5. Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa in Her Hut
  6. Subdue Spirits (6)
  7. Go to the Hist Tree
  8. Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa]] at the Hist Tree
  9. Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa
  10. Burn Hist Sap Containers (4)
  11. Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa
  12. Tell Tree-Minder Deyapa to Begin the Ritual
  13. Defend the Spirits